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Handmade circular mirror in my little studio in Barcelona)! A play on material and colours that will leave your walls ravishing and longing for more. Alone or combined with other circular mirrors from my collections, it will bring that “je ne sais quoi” touch to your interior. 


Circular Mirror:


Verre Eglomisé: Silver leaves and paint on 4mm glass.


Concrete Frame: sealed and varnished, ready to hang with attached at the back, felt fitted at the back to protect your wall.


Diameter: 28 cm, height: 2 cm


Total weight: 1.4kg


Verre églomisé, from the French term meaning ”gilded glass” is a process where the reverse side of a piece of glass is gilded with gold or silver leaf and combined with reverse painting techniques. The result is a beautiful mirror-like reflective artwork. 

Palm Leaves 1

VAT Included
  • Each mirror finish is made to order, and will be unique to you. It won´t look excatly the same as the picture as it is handmade. All the pattern elements will be the same as well the color chart, the pattern placement can vary.

    The concrete frame colour is your choice. 


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